Specialized Translation Services

  Document Translation
What was true then still holds true today. Especially when it comes to having your important documents translated … »»
  Marketing Translation
Understanding the nuances and country culture is essential and can be the difference between a successful sale and "the … »»
Financial Translation
Your financial documents are the bread and butter of your company as they are an accurate reflection of the pulse of … »»
Medical Translation
Medical Translation is serious business. That's why at Technovate Translations we only employ the most qualified medical … »»
Legal Translation
The last thing you want is to have many "interpretations" of your legal documents … »»
Software Localization
This includes translating the software strings, rearranging the UI components to preserve the original look and feel after … »»
Website Translation / Localization
Your website says a lot about your business and plays a large part in the projection of your image. If your business includes a … »»
Interpreter Services
Interpretation is the intellectual activity that consists of facilitating oral or sign language communication, either simultaneously or … »»
Government Translation
Government translation is the process of translating government-related documents and communications pertaining to policy … »»
Manual Translation
There are as many types of manuals as there are reasons you may need to translate them: Owner's Manuals Shipping your … »»
Technical Translation
Technovate Translations employs translators who are well acquainted with a variety of professional disciplines. In technical and … »»
Audio Video Transcription and Translation
Most of the time when people hear the word "translation", they think of written text. But you may not have the words you need … »»