Multi-language SEO

In conjunction with, we have translated legal documents, marketing documents, manuals, business plans, patent applications, pharmaceutical documents and websites. Our clients include both start-ups and multinationals, including such companies as Mercedes Benz, Sick Kids Foundation, Scouts Canada, Callisto Pharmaceuticals and Von Dutch, just to name a few. Our commitment to excellence in the services we provide is paramount to our success, and our customer service is the backbone of operations that keeps our customers coming back.

Website Translation and localization are vital in today's global environment where companies are doing business both at home and on the other side of the world. Website translation offers your company many advantages:

  1. Open your business to new markets
  2. Educate your potential customers whose first language is not English
  3. Receive traffic from international search engines (For example, when we translate your website into German it will not only be available for people to read in German but will also improve your chances at ranking better in German search engines)

Our SEO division works in conjunction with our Translation division to not only translate your website but also work with the website in each language to make it search engine friendly. We can also create a customized campaign for each different language to appeal to Google Germany, Google France or Google Hong Kong, and their competitors.

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